Hello, my name is John and I set up this site to share with other sufferers what happened to me with my aortic aneurysm. I had never even heard of one before I had mine. and I still donít understand how it happened. So I searched the web and read more, and many sufferers (mostly U.S.) seemed to have a better communications line than I had. So I decided to write this account of my experience in case anyone else out there is as confused as I was.


On this site I donít try to do the in-depth medical thing, there are enough sites that do that. I just try to tell what happened to me, as I saw it. Some of this I have been told afterwards, some of it is my memory. When I came out of hospital we were left very confused and rather isolated. To be honest I donít feel I know much more about my condition than I did then. Anyway, this is what happened.

If you have suffered from this condition I wish you well, and hope you have a speedy recovery. If you havenít suffered one, do anything you can to avoid it.

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