2 History


A brief outline of my medical history might set the scene. I had lived hard in my youth, doing everything to excess, but I didn’t use ‘recreational drugs’, didn’t drink anymore but smoked cigarettes. I also worked around twelve hours a day without proper breaks. I only ate in the evening.

I had been having trouble of one sort or another for about five years. My ears were usually ringing. I had had a headache for over a year. I was on medication for arthritis in my neck and shoulders. In fact I had extreme discomfort between my shoulder-blades, and my vertebrae would occasionally drop out of place. Sometimes I would be able to manipulate them back into line, sometimes I would have to visit an osteopath. I also had frequent migraines. But I ignored all the symptoms for as long as I could, especially as my GP had said that everything was just wear and tear of a hard life. I asked my GP to refer me for a second opinion. I was referred to a brilliant doctor with a very busy schedule. I say brilliant because just by wiggling my fingers for the few seconds he could spare he was able to confirm that all my problems were caused by arthritis in my upper back!!.

Having been proved wrong so conclusively, I resigned myself to an old-age of increasing pain and disability. I continued with the medication for the arthritis and put up with the ringing in my ears. The headache had become a best friend, and the migraines I just had to work round. However, I still managed to lead an active life, and had a lot of interests to occupy me.

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