3 First Hit

The first sign I had that there was anything wrong was one weekend in February. I had come home on Friday evening with a nasty headache, which just got worse and worse. By Sunday morning I was almost delirious and my wife was concerned enough to call a locum. The doctor arrived and took my blood pressure twice, but thought her equipment was faulty. It was reading well over 260/120. She then realised that the reading was correct, and called for an ambulance. In hospital my BP was stabilised, and on my release my GP prescribed medication and checked my BP at first every week, then every fortnight.

All this time I was desperately tired, and would regularly fall asleep when I arrived home from work. I was still travelling a round trip of 200 miles a day, and was out of the house from 5:00 am to 8:00 pm. The problems with my vertebrae were still there, but not quite as bad as they had been.

Something Iíve never quite understood is how checking BP works. My GP thinks checking every few months is plenty often enough. Yet mine can vary from 105/65 to 180/110 over a day. The so how do you get a meaningful reading by checking it so infrequently?

I bought my own BP monitor, and I check my BP every now and then, usually when I feel things are not as they should be. If nothing else it can be reassuring to know that youíre not as far adrift as you think you might be. Incidentally, Iím not paid for this advert here - there are other makes, it just happens that I bought this one.

Delwa-Star Blood Pressure Monitor, Memory Holds Sixty Measurements

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