6 And Now

All that happened three years ago. I spent a year at home, trying to recover, but suffering badly from the medication. I still found it hard to walk and was so tired by lunchtime that I had to take an hourís sleep. I hurt badly inside, and my condition was very changeable from one day to the next.
Slowly I improved. I would get two or three good weeks, when I felt good. And then one nasty week, when my back hurt, my BP went haywire, occasionally cavorting around 180/115. My legs and lower abdomen ached, and my legs ran out of power on any gradient; I got breathless. I was assured at my monthly clinic BP check-ups that this was nothing to worry about, and there was nothing to be done about it. I should just get on with it.

After a year I had to return to what work I could find. Obviously the medical constraints made this especially difficult. I was fortunate to be contacted by an old colleague who wanted me to help him while his business bought two rivals in a big expansion. This was for three days a week for three or four months, which was ideal. This stretched into eighteen months. Then another colleague contacted me offering a couple of days a week for a few months refocussing a new business. This all helped to keep the family above water.

I am now feeling better than I was, but the medication can still make me very tired. Once I have taken the tablets in the morning I feel as if I have a permanent hangover. I can still work with it, but I am conscious that everything is that much more of an effort than it was five years ago. But the family still needs providing for.


So three years on. If you havenít had surgery, the survival rate is 75% at five years, 50% at ten years. As my consultant said, weíre doing OK.

If you have read this far, I hope this is has been useful to you. It doesnít have any answers, but it does show that itís not the end of the world. It just makes life that bit harder. Good luck, and if I have been of any help to you, please e-mail me with your comments. I promise not to reply unless you ask me to!

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